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Document A Day!

Document A Day
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A fun community based on documenting a day through pictures or film.
Official Rules For documentaday
PLEASE read before posting!

What is documentaday?
Documentaday (aka DAD) is focused around sharing your day with others through different types of media such as pictures or film.

General Rules

Posting is members only.

Please do not post anything that could be considered illegal within your country.

The main thing that sets us apart from other photo documenting communities is that quality images are a must in this community. Please take the time to check whatever you're trying to show is clear and in focus. We're not asking for perfection in every image here, but if a majority of your post contains nothing but blurry and/or washed out images from flash overuse, one of us mods will pop in with a warning. If you can't follow this rule, try somewhere else.

Cell phone pictures are forbidden. If the photo is not from an actual camera, don’t post it.

Do NOT delete comments!

Please tag your posts! If you can’t find a tag of your location for your post, ask a mod to make one.

Documentaday (DAD) Posts

These are your regular DAD posts. The concept is simple: take pictures throughout the day.

At the beginning of a post, feel free to provide a short introduction of who you are, where you’re from and a summary of your post.

A teaser image (max. size: 600px) can be used to draw members into your post but is not necessary.

Your photos for your day should be placed underneath a cut!

Days should be recent! No posts dated from last winter that you didn’t have the chance to post. We like to keep things fresh and new around here!

The size of photos underneath the cut should depend on the number of images used. If you want to keep it safe, size all photos to around 500-600 pixels wide.

The number of images within a post is unlimited as long as you put the number of photos somewhere outside of the cut so people can see.

Film A Day (FAD) Posts

Film A Day posts are pretty similar to DADs, only you’re documenting everything about your day through (good quality) film/moving images. Videos should be 3 minutes minimum or 10 minutes maximum.

Picture A Day (PAD) Posts

Once during every month, there will be a Picture A Day post where members may share a couple of random photos they’ve taken in the past month for others to comment.

Other Rules

All types of media are encouraged. If you feel like drawing out your day, go for it! The same image rules for the DAD posts will apply.

Time checks are up to the discretion of the poster. Just make sure they do not take up a majority of your day.

There is no limit to how many days/videos you can post per week, but if we have any problems in the future, we’ll come back to it at another time.

If all else fails, check out the posts! They will give you a general idea of what is expected around here.

Want to help advertise the community?

Copy and paste the code for this spiffy banner above into your journal or profile to help the community be known to others!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of us through PM, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Have fun and be creative, everyone!

umbrellaa & ohmyrhiannon & 10pm

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